Book Review: The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout

A Brief Synopsis of The Darkest Star:

In a post- alien invasion world, seventeen year old Evie Dasher is an average teenage girl. One night, she and her friend Heidi use fake IDs to get into a night club known for its Luxen (alien) clientele. They are there so that Evie can meet Heidi’s new hook-up, but Evie is quickly abandoned by her friend and left to fend for herself. She is summoned by the enigmatic Luc to his private section of his night club, where he procedes to tell her that she does not belong there. Banter ensues, but is cut short by a raid on the club. The following day Evie returns to the club in search of her missing cell phone. She finds the cryptic Luc there, among other Luxen, some of which are refugees.

The days that follow are a blur of revelations about Evie’s parents, her past, and Evie herself. There is also the matter of who Luc is, what he knows, and a serial killer who has Evie in his sights. Evie realizes that she is not the average girl, and everything that she has known has been built on lies.

The Darkest Star is a tough book to review. The first reason is that I really don’t want to give too much away in the synopsis or the review, because so much of this book is based on revelations. The second reason is the fact that this book was just so dissapointing.

There are few tropes that I hate more than the one where “the Alpha male knows best”. It takes any power that the female protagonist has, and puts her in a role where she is no longer able to care for herself. The alpha male usually reveals that he is the only one who knows what is best for her, and the female usually submits to this. I hate hate hate this trope so much. Alpha males can be sexy as hell, but when they start treating the female like a child, I just tune out.

Evie’s response to Luc’s “I know best” attitude makes this even more frustrating, because she behaves every bit the child that she is treated like. She is frequently in hysterics, and is very quick to act by throwing tantrums rather than actually think about what she is learning. She clearly cannot hold her own against any danger, but she seems to love running toward it with no regard to the people/ Luxen tasked with keeping her safe.

Honestly, Evie is what makes this book so unlikable. The girl is a mess. When we are introduced to her, she is panicking over going to a club where she is underage, and clearly uncomfortable. However, the day following the raid she is more than happy to return to said club during school hours, demand that her phone be returned to her, and snoop around. It’s just a really strange that she goes from wallflower to outgoing in less than a day. There is not one piece of information that she hears that does not involve her having some sort of breakdown. It is true that there is definite conflict about the life that she knows, and the true circumstances of who she is. However, Evie is more of the “tantrum first, think later sort”, which in turn makes her her own worst enemy.

Luc does not behave much better. He admits to following Evie, or having others follow her without her knowledge or consent. He sneaks into her house via window. He is also constantly keeping Evie on a “need to know” basis with her own life. Not to mention that every single character in the whole book repeatedly brings up that he is the strongest, fastest, most powerful being in this book. Luc is really into both flaunting and brooding about this fact for most of the story. He is basically alien Edward Cullen.

By the end of this book I was left with so many questions. If Evie could stop for one moment and ask “why” instead of “why me?”, this book could have moved along at a better pace. Instead, this supposedly kind, gentle, and smart heroine spends most of the plot acting like a child. There arI guess that for me, The Darkest Star was just a big let down. Jennifer L Armentrout is so great at writing badass, yet flawed heroines, and smart alphas who support them. So the whole vibe of this book was not my cup of tea. I will still be checking out the sequel The Burning Shadow that drops this October. I’m really hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised.

My Rating of The Darkest Star: 2 out of 5 Alien Edwards

You can find the Darkest Star here:

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