My TBR- AKA Lies and a Library

This is accurate.

I. Need. To. Be. Stopped.

TBR is book nerd speak for “to be read”. Recently I have been trying to work from my TBR List, and actually read what I own. I really have.

I just did a tally of all of the books that I have purchased for the month of April, and the number is 37 books. This is on top of the rest of the books that I have purchased so far for 2020.

I wish that I could blame quarantine for this, but I can’t. I have zero excuse, and I really wanted all of these books that I bought.

It’s just I am completely powerless. when I see a pretty new cover, if there’s a sale, if I go down the Goodreads rabbit hole, if I have extra money, if I’m sad, if I’m happy, if I’m angry, or if it’s a day that ends in “y”.

Now that my family has spent 50+ days in close quarters, my husband has begun to take notice. I have an office in the back family room, and every time he walks into the room he shakes his head. He also nervously laughs every time I get a new package in the mail.

I like to point out that my book habit is what keeps me off the streets.

Luckily he is used to my bookish BS, and I have finally gotten my one true wish. Friends, I am in the process of getting my own home library.

The hubs knows what’s up.

I have made a pact with myself that I am going to knock out my TBR list by alternating my print books and my Kindle books. I am really going to try to commit to it this time. I swear.

When I inevitably fall off the wagon, at least this time there will be more storage.

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